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TN115 - Use Cell Phone Headset with PC

115.1   Summary
115.2   Pinouts
115.3   Schematic
115.4   Commercially Available Adaptors
115.4   Recommended Headset Vendors

115.1 Summary

VoIP applications such as Skype are easier to use with a quality headset. Unfortunately, most good headsets designed for PC's are not particularly small. Headsets designed for cell phones can be used with a PC with a simple adaptor.  

115.2 Pinouts

PC headset plug
3.5 mm
PC Headset Plug
PC microphone plug
3.5 mm
PC Microphone Plug
3 conductor headset plug
2.5 mm
3 pin headset plug
4 conductor headset plug
2.5 mm
4 pin headset plug

115.3 Schematic


115.4 Commercially Available Adaptors

115.5 Recommended Headset Vendors

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