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TN107 - Convert YMTRANS.TBL to NTFS file names

107.1  Summary
107.2  Conversion utility
107.3  Conversion table

107.1    Summary

        Instructions to convert CD-ROM ISO 9960 file names to original long file
        names as stored in YMTRANS.TBL in each directory.

        I had some old CD-ROMs with UNIX and Macintosh files predating the
        Joliet file system. Their original long files names had been preserved
        via the Rock Ridge extensions, but I couldn't find Rock Ridge device
        drivers for my PC. Fortunately, Young Minds <>, the
        vendor of the recording software used to produce these CD's, provided an
        alternative method to preserve the original file names.

107.2    Conversion utility

        ymi2ntfs is a conversion utility written in perl that will use the
        TMTRANS.TBL files in each directory to rename the ISO 9960 files name to
        the original names saved in the table. The utility will recursively
        descend through all subdirectories below the starting directory.

        For compatibility with NTFS filenames, leading periods and other invalid
        characters,  \ / : * ? " < > |  are changed to underscores.

        Download the ymi2ntfs utility from:


        Requires perl. See TN106.6 to install perl on your PC.

107.3    Conversion table

        The YMTRANS.TBL table in each directory is a space delimited ASCII file
        with LF line terminations. An example file contains:

            D MARC_S_0                   marc_files,1988
            D MARC_S_1                   marc_files,1992
            D MARC_S_2                   marc_files,1994
            F _HSANCIL.;1                .HSancillary

        Each line is a record for one file. The first field contains either an
        'F' or a 'D' designating a file or directory. The second field is a
        short, ISO 9660 compatible name, chosen by YMi's "makedisk" application
        software and the third field is the original file name.

        If the record is for a file, the second field includes a sub-field
        delimited by a semi-colon. I can no longer remember but I think the sub
        field shows that this is an ISO 9660 Level 1 compliant name? In any
        case, the conversion utility ignores the sub-field.

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